Wednesday, August 20, 2008

summer holidays 08

Hi there!

Katja and me had been in Portugal from the 25th of July (my birthday) up to the 9th of August. You'll find the pics in the tab "new pics" and the videos in "vlog". When you click on "panoramas" you can have some 360° views of some sights where we had been. You'll need quicktime to view it and a fast internet connection is recommend.

The stories will follow here.

Some spots where we stopped: Salamanca (Spain) - Oporto - Lisbon - Coímbra - Setúbal - Zambujeira do mar - Aljezur - Sagres - Lagos - Tavira - Tarifa (Spain).

Check it out and leave a comment ;).

Chris and Katja

Monday, May 26, 2008

Madrid and the people

Hi there!

What happened in the last months and weeks. I finished last week my language course in the which is situated near the metro Islas Filipinas in Madird. Mostly, I walked or took my inliners from Cuatro Caminos to the school. Check out Google Maps.
My project is going forward and as a balance Katja and I have finally found a great gim: Metropolitano.

Moreover, we had some visitors already. Katja and her boyfriend Andreas had been here the last days. We went out and had a lot of fun. Check out our facebook pictures, too. 


Monday, March 31, 2008

Some panoramas from semana santa

Here you have some nice panorama pics. Just click on "fullscreen" at the bottom of the slideshow you see here for total satisfaction ;).

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recorrido por el Sabinar de Arcones - Semana Santa 08

Hi there!

We had been in the mountains North of Segovia around Arcones this day. You might check out . It was a nice day and we had been hiking around that place because Katja found this wonderful book with the best trips in the mountains around Madrid. If you're intrested I'll send the title to you. Some pages are in the album. There will be more coming up because we're going to explore more of the tours which are also great for biking.

Have a great day!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

cena con los amigos de salsa

Hola a todos!

Aquí podéis ver las fotos de la fiesta!

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Snowboarding around Madrid

Ok, I just have to post this. Perhaps you already know there are mountains around Madrid :). And yes, even some higher ones might be found ;). Check this out:

Snow around Madrid

The last link will show you the snowzone. It's an indoor snowboard centre as there are some around Cologne (Landgraaf Snowworld near Aachen but already in the Netherlands - check out my snowboardblog -, Neuss Allrounder or shitty Bottrop). So as every Spanish webpage lacks the really important information as, how exactly do you get there without a car, Katja found out one of the buses (see the end of the page)actually stops around where we live and directly gives us a ride to the centre.
The prices are moderate for 199 Euro for 4 months or 600 Euro a year minus 33% discount if you pay it once.
We probably spend our xmas presents for some new equipment parts :).

And moreover, there are cheaper ways for doing sports here. Madrid offers with some public sport centres a way of saving money and still have fun - centre polideportivos. You really have to know those words otherwise you are unable to find something on google. It's the same with the health system here. They have public 'centros de salud' and moreover varieties of them. With your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) you will get a treatment for free. This is good because most of the privat doctors don't belong to this system. And if you pay the bill to get treated you probably won't get all of it back from your insurance at home. Finally, it's more comfortable and that's the best reason ;).

Besides, Spain has some laws medicine has to be cheap in a way. I can just tell you one medicine I know costs 150 Euro in Germany and here just 20 Euro! Yes, that's true. That's the way pharmacy companies rip you off.

Enjoy your day and stay tuned!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hiking at Manzanares

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We had been hiking on Saturday in Manzanares in the North of Madrid. You just take the bus 724 from Plaza de Castilla for 3,10 Euro one-way and hop off one hour later and around 60km farer away. The mountains go up to 1600m and there are nice hiking routes. In the information centre they have detailed maps which help a lot :). If you're there for one complete day as we did - 25000 steps in total :) - there are a variety of tours.
Enjoy the pics.